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Slide A new level in fencing & gate aesthetics Our goal is to provide our customers with the feeling of privacy and safety. At the same time we would like them to remain open to the world around them. We offer a system of front fences that combines simplicity and elegance with unique functionality.

The FANCY FENCE system is made up of a retractable driveway gate, an invisible walkway gate and elegant fencing.
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Designs customized to any environment CLASSIC You'll soon see the Fancy Fence Retractable system installed throughout Europe. We are in the planning stages at this writing for many civic projects that will safeguard many of the continent's historic public spaces. MODERN Of course, the concept itself is completely modern. There isn't another retractable gate available anywhere. Other than that, the design of the gate is modern as well. Our mainstay designs for the pickets are steel posts, HPL sheets and Agglomerated quartz slabs. CUSTOM We can customize the Fancy Fence to work with a variety of materials and designs. We're just beginning with what you see here. Not yet pictured, but currently available, are tempered glass pickets. Let us know what you like and we'll work it out.

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